Do I need private lessons?

Starting private lessons is not needed for those wishing just to be a recreational fencer. If your intention is to compete it is usually advised. Some students prefer to go with cheaper group lessons first. My suggestions for those that want the “fast track” is to get a few private lessons to set form before bad habits set in. Then work on the group lessons. At some point you will find yourself in need of additional instruction. Private lessons work best in my opinion when combined with group lessons. You learn the skills in the privates and can practice them in class.

How often you train is a factor of how much time you have, what your goals are, how quickly you can learn and how much money you can budget on your sport. The fact is that the more training and practice you do the better you will get.

The cost of fencing is on par with many other sports. The greatest cost is traveling to National competitions and qualifiers and lodging. Fencing in state is far cheaper for these reasons. Going to competitions is worth every sent in terms of the skills you learn. If money is tight I suggest you skip a lesson now and then and apply it towards entry fees

Cost for private lessons very for many reasons. Were you live will affect the cost. How long are the lessons? Some coaches do 20 minutes and no more (3 lessons per hour) others may charge more but lessons can often go 30, 40 or even 60 minutes. Other offer package deals that include club membership.

That said it is also a question of quality. Not all great fencers are great coaches, some really great coaches were low level fencers. Coaching is not fencing. Finding the right coach for you is much like finding a good honest car mechanic. If your lucky enough to find a good match keep that coach on speed dial. Communication is vital, your coach should make the lesson about you. Cookie cutter drills in my opinion are seldom the preferred option.

In the end taking private lessons is one of the more rewarding aspects of the sport if you’re willing to work hard and get pushed farther then you ever considered possible. That is the place we see personal growth really come in. Enjoy