Equipment, requirements and wants?

To compete in USFA competitions you’re required to have the following:

2 electric Epee
2 body cords
approved mask
approved jacket
approved knickers
underarm protector (plastron)
chest protector, women required
one fencing glove for the fencing hand
long socks that cover all exposed skin
shoes, fencing specific shoes are recommend but not required

Put your name on your equipment!
Many clubs rent beginners equipment, don’t go crazy and buy everything until you’re really committed to the sport. Check any rental or club equipment to see that it works properly before you go on the strip!

It’s a good idea to have

a 3rd working epee
a 3rd working body cord.
chest protector men
groin protector men
a repair kit with appropriate tools and parts
an extra glove, epee can be hard on gloves
two towels, one to wipe dust of your feet and one for you (don’t get them confused )
Change of clothes
first aid kit

Tip: check your weapon immediately after each bout, check screws and barrel to make sure they are tight. Check handle to see that it’s still tight

Several links for equipment venders can be found in the “Useful Links” page