Sep 2015

School fencing programs

Something different for kids of all ages is available for your organization


I have run many school programs and camps and would love to work with your school, church or youth group. I offer an 8 week school, and/or after school curriculum, and will individually work with each client to create a program that fits their and their students’ needs. We bring all the equipment needed! Programs can be school funded or parent funded, and prices are very affordable. PTA or school donations can be included in our pricing if desired. We do require students purchase a $10 non-competitive annual membership in USFA (United States Fencing Association), which protects both the student and your organization. Additionally, you can feel secure with a coach who is a licensed and insured, professional member of the USFA, who is Safe Sport Certified and has passed all current background checks.

Not sure if fencing is right for your organization? I can also offer one-time introductory workshops for your potential fencers! Concerned about the safety of fencing for children/youth? Fencing is one of the safest sports there is. According to a study done on the likelihood of injury in Olympic sports (2009/2010) , fencing is near the bottom with fewer injuries than badminton, table tennis, and curling! Safety equipment (masks, chest protectors, gloves, jackets and epees that meet or exceed USFA requirements) is always used in our program. For younger children generally (8-10 year olds) we offer specialized “Kid’s Fencing Kit” developed by the FIE for the 2014 Youth Olympic Game (see photo).

Use the “Contact Me” function on the bottom of this page today to discuss your particular requirements, schedule an introductory workshop, or learn what dates and times are currently available for programs.