Fencing attributes


Fencers with high levels of self-efficacy:
  • See problems as challenges to overcome, or tasks to be mastered. Even completing small goals is a source of satisfaction.
  • Develop deep interests, and are active participants, in the details of form, tactic’s and the phycology of fencing. Interest grows and develops as opportunities and challenges become more plentiful
  • Form a strong sense of commitment to their interests. They don’t go half-way, or start skill training and give up quickly.
  • Recover quickly from setbacks and disappointments.

Whereas Fencers with low levels of self-efficacy:
  • Avoid challenges (or inconveniences) – big or small (sometimes very very small).
  • Believe advanced techniques and strategies are beyond their abilities. They see other people doing things and assume the position of observer, not participant.
  • Focus on their personal failings. They don’t give themselves credit.
  • Lose confidence easily and quickly, giving up on new things when they’re difficult, uncomfortable, or just different. they stay in their comfort zone, fail to work on things they perceive they are not good at

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