Home school sports

Todays home schooled children are a diverse lot! I do see some common traits: they tend to be motivated and intelligent in my experience, and their parents, devoted.

I have found that fencing is an excellent, and safe sport to augment the home schoolers development. Fencing can be adapted to the individual needs of the students and parents. It requires little space and minimum investment in equipment. Many clubs will even rent equipment. Fencing is a lifetime sport that encourages a quick mind, adaptive strategic thinking, discipline and impulse control. It is excellent for improving hand eye coordination, cardiovascular and anaerobic conditioning, goal setting, and fostering good sportsmanship, and provides positive interactions with other children that share these goals.

I am most aware of how fencing facilitates healthy confidence in students that otherwise never considered themselves athletes. This extends to girls especially in my opinion, as they can compete very well with boys. Fencing success relies far more on skill and observation then brute strength. Let’s not forget to mention the whole family can fence. Kids love to fence their parents, and this experience helps strengthen family bonds.

As a coach, I have worked with many kids that have ADD, ADHD, high functioning autism, and have all benefited from learning to fence. So have kids that have asthma, hearing impairment, and many other issues. Fencing can be highly adaptive; there is wheel chair fencing, and even fencing for the blind!

It takes two people to fence, yet private lessons are available and most coaches would be happy to work with finding suitable fencing partners or work with your home school group.
Some coaches will even come to you if you have a suitable facility. Other coaches provide after school programs that may work for you.

Kids can compete in local, regional and national events. At these competitions, they often meet others and form life long relationships. Many colleges are always interested in fencers. Some have scholarships, but many have varsity fencing. I have students that are making the rounds and exploring colleges by attending competitions held by the school. This can be a great way to seeing what the schools are really like. Fencing opens doors.

Students that wish to go to the highest levels of this olympic sport will benefit from the flexible scheduling home schooling can provide. Excellence takes lots of practice and time, something that is more difficult to fit in with more mainstream schooling options.

I would invite any parent that is looking to supplement their child’s education to give fencing a try. Contact your home school network to see if they can assist or go to the USFA to find a club near you.

If your in the Northern Virginia area, use the contact me feature at the bottom of this page, I can help you or your group by offering a free introductory lesson to see if fencing is for you and your child.

Thanks for your time

coach Geoff