Sometime it gets a bit discouraging being an Epee coach, other times I get letters like these. I am a happy coach

Dear Geoff,
I have to tell you that S.... had a GREAT session with you last week and left feeling so excited about her fencing and the sport in general. She had a list of things she learned that gave her confidence and skills to develop - she was beaming as she described her coaching session! We’re so lucky to have you in our fencing community.....

Hi Geoff,
... I wanted to tell you that Sam applied to St. Johns College early action this fall. He went to their summer camp and fell completely and utterly in love. They called him today to tell him he’s been accepted. Thank you for telling us about this school. I don’t think we would have found it otherwise and its perfect for him .....

Coaches note: This student was 11 years old when I suggested this school to his mom, he is now a highly regarded A rated fencer and a really wonderful person!

My two sons have been students of Coach Geoff for several years and the
effect has been extremely positive. Coach Geoff approaches fencing with
an intensity that inspires progress for the serious competitive fencer, while
making it fun for the casual fencer of all ages.
It shows he loves fencing and cares deeply about passing it on to future generations. The
Loudoun County  community is extremely lucky to have him.  It's been a pleasure watching my
children gain confidence, see their physical strength expand and to be willing to challenge themselves. 
Thanks Coach !
Tonia B.
Leesburg, Virginia

Hi Geoff,

Just got back from a spectacular night. Did my meditation prior to leaving. Got myself back into the groove.
The best part of the evening was when KC… (won gold at the Veteran's World Championships in 1998, he won Gold at Nationals this year in the 70+ and made the 2012  World Veteran Team) approached me and asked me who my coach was. I said, "Geoff Butler of Have Blade". He said, "Your coach is teaching you everything right. Your moves are beautiful and you are doing everything correctly."  That was nice to hear, because I didn't think I was doing all that well. Although my opponent at the time said to me that if I kept up fencing like the way I was fencing tonight, I am going to be able to kick his a** by September.

See you tomorrow.


from Kyle:  Fencing has turned me into a more
confident person.  In addition, it has helped me get physically fit. Coach
Geoff is a great person who happily goes out of his way to be there for
us.  He's always pushing us to do our best by coming up with new and
creative ways of teaching us new skills. 
I always know the Coach is talking to me when I hear the famous words
"Dance Kyle Dance, get those feet moving !"
Thanks Coach
Kyle L.

Tonight my 8 year old son attended his first fencing class at Claude Moore Park taught by Geoff.  I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks because it was a real treat.  My son LOVED it and can't wait to go back next week.  My wife and I were both VERY impressed with what a wonderful, fun, and enthusiastic teacher Geoff is.     
Anyway, I know it was only the first class, but it made a very positive first impression both on our son and on me and my wife.  Please pass my thanks to Geoff.  We look forward to next week's lesson! Regards, K****, Ashburn, VA

I'm A*****, I met you on Monday during R****’s first Epee class with your competitive team.  I was impressed with the way the class is structured, combined with your coaching and mentoring and how you're able to connect with R*****.  R*****’s feedback was great.  He wants to pursue having a more "serious" type of training, and having you as a coach would be a great start. As I mentioned, he is very shy kid, but very receptive.  I'm hoping this will help build up his self confidence because he really is good at fencing, but he needs to be pushed/nudged/supported in a way that doesn't scare him away.  I will do whatever I can to help with that.  I'm hoping as you spend more time training him, we both can gauge where his heart is on this.

 I would like to see what your availability is for the next few weeks.  We are interested in lessons, please let me know when is a good time, we can work around your schedule.

My son has trained under coach Geoff Butler for over four years. Coach Geoff has a very calm steady demeanor and is extremely knowledgeable about the sport of Fencing. He is an excellent teacher who has ignited a passion for Fencing in my son which I believe will last a lifetime.


Awe …….. thanks everyone, now give me some pushups!

coach Geoff