A collection of some useful fencing links:

Vermont Fencing Alliance

USFA membership form

Fencing officials blog a great resource for rule changes and certification

Askfred is a great way to search for fencing competitions in the U.S.

USFA the governing body for U.S. fencing. You need to join this to compete in sanctioned tournaments and be covered by USFA insurance

Green Mountain Fencing Division.

FIE world governing body for fencing

Veterans Fencing for those of us over forty

Fencing rules Yes my friends, even epee has rules

Fencing terms say what?

Epee repair from Leon Paul website

rewire an epee an important skill

Fencing MP3 for footwork

USADA rules regarding drugs prohibited in competition

Medication lookup site for looking up over the counter and prescription drugs compliance with USDA rules

Fencing TV see important fencing competitions

Fencing.net has a forum for fencing as well as other useful stuff about the sport

Fitness guidelines

Mental training skills from Ohio Center for Sport Psychology

Parent and spectator guide

The museum of American fencing, I love this site

map of where “A” rated epeeist dwell

An interesting link on focus FYI this article applies to men and women despite being from the Art of Manliness

Vermont Fencing Alliance

The following vendors are listed for your convenience. I have no affiliation other then I have purchased equipment from all of them and can report good service. Equipment choice is highly personal, Feel free to contact me for specific recommendations based on your requirements


Blue Guantlet,

Absolute Fencing,

Physical Chess,

Leon Paul,



the Fencing Post

Z grips

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